Tuesday, January 3, 2017

LITM Celebrates David Bowie

This Sunday, 1/8 from 5pm-11pm, LITM is holding their third annual David Bowie Birthday Bash, and this year, they'll be celebrating not only his life but also his legacy with live music, food, art, and themed cocktails.

Beginning at 7pm, Heroes, a five-piece Bowie tribute band from New York, will be playing pieces spanning Bowie's entire career while local make-up artists offer face-painting with lightning bolts and blackstars. Love, Liesel will also be there with Bowie-themed accessories, and the bar has put together a specialized cocktail list with Bowie-themed drinks to serve along with their regular full bar and cocktail list.

The January art exhibit, Utopia, a solo show from local artist Mia Buchanan will also be up and DJ Sexy Lexy will keep the Bowie dance party and celebration going once the band is done. There's no fee for entry. For more information, check out the event on Facebook.

All photos courtesy of LITM

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