Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Korean BBQ Moving into Former Bell & Gray

After a turn as Carrino Provisions and then Bell & Gray, it looks like the other half of 8 Erie Street next to Talde will now be a Korean BBQ spot.

After Bell & Gray closed, the space was formally returned to the Carrino team and has remained empty for the past year. However, over the past month, equipment and furniture started being taken out of the space and within the past couple of weeks, permit signs went up detailing new barbecue and kitchen equipment installations along with a new sprinkler system and kitchen hood exhaust.

The restaurant, whose name is currently unknown, is apparently aiming for a March opening. That seems a little ambitious, but considering the space is relatively recently built-out and they're not doing any demolition, might not be too problematic.

It's rumored to be headed up by Alan Lau, a long-time local restaurateur whose other restaurants have included Sawadee, Sky Thai, More, and Box which later merged with More. Box did have a Korean BBQ element for a while so this is not completely new territory for Lau.

Stay tuned for more details.

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