Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jersey City Restaurants For Rent/Sale

As recently posted, it seems what was to be the new Hard Grove space is now back up for rent, but the changes don't stop there. Several other Jersey City spots are now up for rent/sale as well.

The Citizen, formerly known as The Dopeness, went through a couple of different renovations and added an excellent menu by Chef Flo of Eemas before shutting down suddenly last September. The owners initially called it a temporary closing, but it looks as though that's turned permanent. The business itself is listed at $50,000 which includes all the kitchen equipment, beer taps, furniture, etc. while the monthly lease costs for the space come in at $6,500/month. Neighboring Port-O which closed in the fall is also still up for rent at $9,000/month.

Paulus Hook's Lisbon Restaurant (also known as Lisbon II) is for sale at $575,000 which includes appliances, furniture, and the liquor license - always in high demand. Known for their Portuguese and Spanish food, Lisbon has been in Jersey City for over 25 years, initially on Warren Street before moving to their current location at 100 York Street. The restaurant was initially rumored to be for sale earlier this year, but it turned out to be the neighboring Draper, which is still sitting empty. Lisbon is currently scheduled to remain open while looking for a buyer.

Another Jersey City classic, the two locations of Fiesta Grill (both the large catering hall at 819 West Side Ave. and the smaller restaurant at 655 Newark Ave) are for sale. Both properties are mixed use with some residential spaces included and are selling for 2.9 million and 1.8 million respectively. The 655 Newark Ave location was one of the first places I reviewed when I started blogging and the two locations have long been part of the strong Filipino community in Jersey City.

Keeping in mind that Marco and Pepe also went up for sale towards the end of 2016 as well as all the restaurants currently in progress, we'll likely be seeing a lot of changes and new faces over the next year.

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