Monday, July 27, 2015

$1 Taco Tuesday at Dullboy

Dullboy is one of my favorite spots to have opened up in Jersey City over the past six months or so. It's flat out one of my favorite spots in Jersey City altogether. The drinks are excellent, the atmosphere is relaxed, and it's nice to have a space where conversation is promoted rather than restricted.

Recently, they've started working in some rotating specials and events to the weekly schedule like $1 oysters on Monday, gypsy swing brunch on Sundays, and what I most recently stopped by to check out, $1 Taco Tuesdays.

Naturally, I needed to start with a drink first. Instead of opting for Dullboy's truly excellent gimlet (simple, but so many places get it wrong) which is usually my starting drink, I tried the Roxy, a tequila watermelon drink with traces of mint, lime, and fenugreek. The first few sips were a little too heavy on the mint, but after that, the flavors mellowed into a very smooth, refreshing drink that was almost like an alcoholic aqua fresca. Perfect for a warm day. My friend got the Scout, a bourbon-based drink with blackberry, lemon, artichoke amaro, and vanilla and although we'd initially wondered if it would be too sweet, the amaro and lemon worked wonderfully together to cut the sweeter, fruitier flavors, creating a well-rounded, heavier cocktail.

We also ordered some of the roasted pork tacos and within a surpisingly quick few minutes, they were at our table, ready to eat. As far as I know, roast pork is the only taco option (and an easy, delicious one) but I'm not sure if they will rotate out different proteins as the weeks pass.

The first thing to note is that these are very small, perhaps 3 inches each and the majority of the filling is salsa and garnish. The pork was tasty, but pretty scant and took a backseat to everything else that was on there. The base of the taco was covered in a very light, whipped avocado/avocado cream which I hadn't been expecting. I'm a fan of all things avocado so I wasn't unhappy about this discovery, but there was a lot of it, oozing out the back of the taco as we ate, and it definitely overwhelmed the other flavors.
They were tasty and worth the $1 each they cost, but certainly not filling and I think it would be pretty hard to make a meal or even a semi-meal of them. It was hard to justify ordering any more even as a snack, knowing we could walk just up the block and get really good tacos for only a couple bucks more.  

However, they would make a good appetizer while waiting for a late dinner or to help soak up some alcohol for an extended happy hour, especially with the potency of some of Dullboy's drinks. While this most likely won't be your meal for the evening, it is a good reason to enjoy a couple drinks on a Tuesday. 

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