Sunday, July 5, 2015

Milk Sugar Love's July Sundae & Ice Cream Social

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of everything Milk Sugar Love. If you asked me to, I can rattle off every flavor I've ever had (and it's not a short list). So I'm extremely excited to be able to help introduce a special new ice cream creation!

Today is the launch of Milk Sugar Love's July Sundae, the Doce De Avo, part of the Summer of Sundaes created with and inspired by restaurants around town.

This Doce De Avo is made in collaboration with Michael Casalinho, chef and owner of Broa Cafe, and is inspired by a Portugese dessert Casalinho's grandmother used to make. It's made with cinnamon infused vanilla ice cream, portuguese coffee candied almonds, crushed portuguese cookies, and sugared egg yolk. It's rich, sweet, creamy, eggy, and delicious.

The sundae will be available every Friday through Sunday through the month of July and is just one example of all the amazing things that will be available for you to enjoy at Jersey City's Biggest Ice Cream Social, celebrating one year of Milk Sugar Love!
The ice cream social will be on July 12th from noon - 6pm and is mean to be a very social social! Bring some friends, make some new friends, enjoy some ice cream, win prizes, play games, and there will be puppy fro-yo so it's not just human-friendly. July is also National Ice Cream Month, so join in and celebrate summer with Milk Sugar Love!

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