Friday, July 17, 2015

Project Eats: The Specials

Project Eats is ONE DAY AWAY and we've already covered what last year was like, who will be there this year, so now it's time to discuss some of the actual food*.

One of my favorite things about Project Eats and all of the The Jersey City Project's projects is that the vendors get really into it and a lot of them offer special menus, new items, and use it as a chance to introduce something they want to start making part of their regular line-up. It's like a sneak preview, except not just a preview - it's the whole thing. 

Here's some of what we know vendors will be bringing this year:

Grandma Downtown is going all out this year with a lot of new and specialty products like Black Russian rolls stuffed with double-smoked bacon & smoked mozz and a specialty roll in cooperation with 902 Brewing that involves beer-braised short ribs, caramelized beer onions, and beer-soaked smoked mozzarella. On Sunday, she will also be premiering 4 different kinds of pierogi, two of which will be vegetarian. This is a vendor you will want to visit early, strong tendency to sell out.

Union Republic has hinted that they will have a special black garlic mazeman (basically a brothless ramen) on hand and ready to serve.

City Diner will be bringing back their giant turkey legs! Watching all these be grilled last year was quite the sight to behold! Tackle one with a friend or two so you have more room to eat.

Ahri's Kitchen will have pork belly lettuce wraps, Korean chicken wings, and nagmyun, a cold noodle dish great for summer and typically vegetarian.

Bucket & Bay and ModCup have teamed up to make something delicious and energizing(!) to keep you eating. They'll be serving a special affogato, vanilla gelato topped with espresso.

The Archer will be making its debut at the market with Wild Boar Sloppy Joes.

Jersey City Veggie Burgers will be bringing two specialty burgers, The Heat Wave, a hot and fiery lentil burger even spicier than last year and a peach-based burger known as the Summer Sunshine burger.Vegan

Busy Bee Organics and Whealth have paired up to create a special tasting menu for Sunday including Thai Summer Rolls!

Bread and Spoon has created a menu based on local seasonal produce like their blueberry, bell pepper, and corn succotash and grilled cheese with lime-pickled veggies.
There's so much more beyond what I've mentioned. This is really just scratching the surface with an idea of some of the delicious bites available.  There will be so much great food around and a lot of vendors we don't typically see in Jersey City. Bring friends and an empty stomach.

Even if you follow a specific diet or way of eating, there's enough here for you. While I tried to mark some of the specials above, here are other good choices depending on how you like to eat:
Seafood  - check out Brooklyn Oyster Party, Luke's Lobster, and the Surf and Turf Truck
Vegetarian - Yeah Dawg! (vegan hot dogs), JCVB (also vegan), Busy Bee Organics & Whealth, Bread and Spoon, Pizza Vita, Nums, Stella's Empanadas, The Cow and The Curd, The Kitchen at Grove Station
Gluten-free - Busy Bee Organics & Whealth, WHOS Gluten-Free, Yeah Dawg!, Bone-In (please double check with all vendors in case there are menu changes or possible cross-contamination I don't know about).

Other Special Notes:
There are quite a few new faces that will be present at Project Eats and while I can't wait to check out and try as many of them as I possibly can, a few that I'm particularly excited about are Booqoo Beignets, beignets from a New Orleans native now living in Brooklyn, Pick a BonBon who will be bringing Brazilian-inspired pastries (amegredeiros), Andy's Market, a JC-based catering company whose food I still have yet to try but always looks delicious, and cheese from Marcelli Formaggi. Because I love cheese.

Taproot Organics, who makes their entire line with food-grade ingredients, will have some new special soap blends available tomorrow. They make many of their products seasonally so grab what you want now. I got to see/sniff a few of the newer blends last week at Sixth Borough and can't wait to actually get to buy them tomorrow.

Outer Limits Hot Sauce will have a very limited supply of their jalapeno lime so if you need to stock up, get there early.

* To be clear, I am not affiliated with any of these vendors or with The Jersey City Project in any way. Just a fan.

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