Thursday, July 16, 2015

Project Eats 2015 Vendors

In case you've missed the news, The Jersey City Project's Project Eats is this weekend! This year, they're expanding it to two days, both Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm (this means if you time it right, you can pretty much have every meal of the day here). Here's a quick look at last year's event.

Not only is this a great festival for all the best eats around, there's a special food-centric marketplace, highlighting some of the best small businesses and product vendors around.
All the vendors are fairly local, with Jersey City being heavily and excellently represented! I've broken down the list of vendors so you can start figuring out your plan of attack. Half the fun is exploring, so I don't want to give out too much info, but I did break down who to expect into into basic, primary categories.  It's safe to say there's something for everyone with things like giant turkey legs, veggie burgers, lobster rolls, ice cream, Korean food, and cocktails all on the list.

I've also denoted where it's a Jersey City-based restaurant with an asterisk* and marked in bold if a vendor is only there for one of the days as opposed to both so if there's someone specific you're looking for, you won't miss them.

Savory                                                       Sweet                                             Beverages
Jersey City Wingery*                               Milk Sugar Love*                         The Big Straw*
Ahri's Kitchen*                                         Peace, Love, Pops                         Lizzmonade
Grandma Downtown*                              Nums (savory/sweet mix)*            modcup*
Stella's Empanadas                                   Bucket & Bay*                              Bar from Hamilton Inn*
Jersey City Veggie Burger*                     Gia Gelato & Cafe*
Left Bank Burger Bar*, Sat. Only        Bread and Spoon*, Sat. Only
Andy's Market*                                        Booqoo Beignets
City Diner*                                               Sugar Supply*
Short Grain*                                             Amanda's Bananas Food Truck, Sat. Only    
Pig & Prince
Fox & Crow*, Sat Only
Brooklyn Oyster Party
Yeah Dawg, Sat. Only
The Archer
Eemas Cuisine
Pizza Vita pizza truck
The Cow and the Curd truck
Tony Baloney's Mustache Mobile
Me Casa Express truck*, Sat Only
Busy Bee Organics/Whealth*, Sunday Only
The Kitchen at Grove Station*, Sunday Only
Luke's Lobster, Sunday Only
Union Republic*, Sunday Only
My Hola Paella truck, Sunday Only
Surf and Turf Truck, Sunday only
Dark Side of the Moo truck, Sunday only

Marketplace Vendors:
Outer Limits Hot Sauce                                     LOVE furniture & design              
WHOS Gluten Free*                                         The Lucky Honeybee                        
Oh Honey Apiaries*                                          14th St. Garden Center*, Sat Only 
Taproot Organics*                                              Pick a Bonbon*                              
Double D's Crumbcake, Sat Only                  FilFil Foods, Sat Only                 
Marcelli Formaggi                                             Another Man's Treasure*
Do You Tea*                                                     Bambino Chef*, Sat Only
WORD*                                                             Turnstyle ART*, Sunday Only
Coyle Farm, Sunday Only 

The Jersey City Project will have printed menu cards at the event so that you can keep track of all the great spots you want to check out. So much to eat, see, and do!

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