Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Feature: The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Batata

Welcome to weekly series,"Friday Feature" showcasing a specific dish or find from around Jersey City.

This week's feature is the bacon, egg, and cheese batata from Cafe Batata. 

Cafe Batata, 382 Second Street, is known for their Swiss-Brazilian Batata Suíça - basically, a stuffed and fried potato pancake. The bacon, egg, and cheese batata is a relatively new addition to the menu and served as a brunch special on Saturdays and Sundays - and it really is a complete, delicious brunch, wrapped in a single neat package. 

Crispy and tender hash brown-like potatoes surround a layer of smokey bacon and a second layer of a cheese-stuffed omelet. The bacon is a little more chew than crisp which works best with the fork-and-knife dish and the eggs manage to remain fluffy and tender rather than devolving into rubberiness. The bacon flavor infuses through the potatoes, making them extra flavorful and if you should happen to also get a bite of more cheese than egg with the potato and some bacon - well, you've hit the perfect taste of indulgence. 

This is definitely something to approach by cutting through it rather than working from the outside in to get the most out of your meal and some added hot sauce goes a long way in breaking through the richness and should you need it, helping create an excellent hangover cure. It does get a little heavy, but this ultra-savory and very filling dish is a great way to fuel your weekend. 

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