Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Feature: Green Smoothie from Whealth

Welcome to weekly series,"Friday Feature" showcasing a specific dish or find from around Jersey City.

This week's feature is the Green Smoothie from Whealth.

Whealth, located at 10 Christopher Columbus Drive inside Harborside Plaza 2, serves up a variety of nutritious breakfast and lunch options including this green smoothie, available all day. 

Made with apple, banana, cucumber, and greens, it is incredibly light and refreshing - something I've been seeking out over the past couple of hot days. The predominant flavors are the cucumber and the banana with a little extra sweetness from the apple, making it lightly fruity, very mildly sweet (not sugary), and incredibly fresh-tasting. The texture of it is better than a lot of other green smoothies I've had - it's almost fluffy but thin enough to be easily drinkable so I don't feel as though I'm choking down thick strands of unblended spinach. It was bright, crisp-tasting, and revitalizing - making it a smoothie I'll return to over and over during the summer whenever I need a little energy boost. 

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