Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pampita Meat Shop Opens Today

Pampita Meat Shop, a new Argentinian butcher shop, is opening today at 393 Central Ave in Jersey City Heights after undergoing construction for the past few months. 

The shop is specializing in grass-fed beef with a focus on Argentinean and American cuts like skirt steak and tri tip (fantastic for a bbq if you haven't had it) for the former and ribeye and porter house for the latter. They'll also offer chicken and a range of specialty Argentinian sausages like freshly made chorizo, morcilla, and salchicha parrillera (very similar in taste to chorizo, slightly different texture and shape) as well as empanadas made fresh onsite. 

The shop's Master Butcher has over 25 years of experience and will happily walk you through any of the cuts and their ideal preparation. Pampita will also accept call-in orders, both for pick-up and delivery, and they will work with you for any specialty cut they don't typically stock. 

Pampita Meat Shop will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am - 6pm and on Mondays from 11am - 4pm. Currently, the only other dedicated butcher shop in Jersey City is Moloney's Meat Market near Journal Square which has been a staple of the neighborhood for more than 140 years. 


  1. I'm glad you included the old guard in Maloney's.

  2. Wow so happy!! Argentinean meat happens to be my favourite!!! It's all about the cut!! Will definitely go

  3. Why the early closing. Sucks for us who work in Manhattan.

    1. It's at least open all 7 days, which you can't find in half of the stores on Central Avenue, so if you're off at least one day a week, you can get to it, still.

  4. I'm in love .. the place looks amazing and delicate .. I can't wait to try it