Sunday, March 26, 2017

Community News

Jersey City
  • Bone In Food has launched a new website with updated menu options including vegetarian choices and more personalized delivery times. 
  • Departed Soles is hard at work on a new line of gluten-free craft beers using malted gluten-free grains so keep an eye out for news on their progress.
  • Cocoa Bakery has released their Easter menu which includes cakes, tarts, cookies, pies, and cream puffs, all available now for pre-order. 
  • Downtown Yogurt has introduced a new Cookie Counter and they're carrying Milk Sugar Love cookies to pair with your yogurt. Milk Sugar Love pints and ice cream sandwiches are now also available at Van Hook Cheese. 
  • VB3 has rescheduled their whiskey tasting and dinner from this Tuesday, 3/28 to Tuesday, 4/4. 
  • Left Bank Burger Bar is hiring for full and part-time positions as is Satis Bistro
  • Satis Bistro is holding a four course wine dinner focusing on the tastes of Sicily. It will be on Wednesday, 4/19 for $75/person. 
  • Join Art House Productions at Harborside on Thursday, May 4th for The Art of Tasting featuring wine and food from restaurants all around Hudson County. 

Outside Jersey City
  • Wood Stack in Pine Brook, NJ and Departed Soles are teaming up for an anniversary beer dinner on Tursday, June 22nd. There will be a whole pig roast with 5 courses and 5 beers for $49/person. 
  • Michael Symon is opening a new Sicilian-American restaurant in Atlantic City called Angeline. It's expected to open May 6th. 
  • Instagram is reportedly going to add the option to make appointments and reservations directly from the app. 

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