Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Blizzard Watch 2017: Who's Open and Who's Closed

Winter Storm Stella is here and bringing lots of snow! It's definitely encouraged to stay indoors and off the road, but if you have to venture out, check the guide below to see what's open near you and stay local.

Here's a list of confirmed opening/closings. I'll be at work so won't be able to update regularly, but I'll try to keep posting throughout the day. Please feel free to comment today with any updates you know about.

Stay safe and enjoy the snow!

Smith & Chang will be open from 7am-12pm
Congress St. Station with Snow Day Specials - NOW CLOSED
Sam a.m.
The Grind Shop will be open as long as weather permits. - NOW CLOSED 
Prato Bakery will be open starting at 8:30am
Square 1 will have a delayed opening at 9 am and will stay open as long as it seems safe. 
Wurstbar will be open all day
Eat JC will be open with a $2.00 delivery fee
Pet Shop
McGinley Square Pub is hoping to open at noon
Hamilton Inn
Hamilton Pork
Van Hook Cheese with Snow Day Specials
Porta will open at noon with a limited pizza menu and then have their full menu available for dinner. 
South House will open at 3pm
Iron Monkey 
9th & Coles will open at noon 
White Star at Brunswick is open for drinks and the kitchen will open for dinner. 
Barcade is open but not able to serve food. 
Amelia's Bistro 
Atlas House 
Buon Appetito 
The Archer will open at 5pm
Tea NJ 
Greene Hook 
Kitchen Step 
Gino's with limited delivery 
Carvao BBQ 
Café Batata 
Thirsty Quaker 
Lucky 7
Lafayette Corner Store 
Word Bookstore & Café 
HopsScotch with a limited menu. 
Departed Soles 
Light Horse Tavern 
GP's with $20 bottles of wine & 20% off your bill when you mention "Stella"
Krispy Pizza will be open at 4pm
The Hutton 
Corkscrew Bar & Grill 

9 Bar Cafe
Lackawanna Coffee
Choc O Pain
Short Grain
Tidal Poke Co.
Milk Sugar Love
Left Bank Burger Bar
O'Hara's Bar & Grill
Burger Eatery
Ozu Foods
Torico Ice Cream
The Light Rail Cafe
Dulce De Leche
Dark Side of the Moo
Roman Nose
Carmen Rosa's Bakery
Liberty Prime Steak house
All Modcup locations 
Just BeClaws 

The Big Straw
PJ Ryan's Squared
Cocoa Bakery
Dahlia's Ice Cream
Second Street Bakery
Brightside Tavern
Cellar 335
Third & Vine
Fox & Crow