Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trolley Car Bar to Become Lo-Fi

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Photo from FB
The Trolley Car Bar and Grill, 328 Palisade Avenue, is soon to be known as Low Fidelity.

Trolley Car Bar and Grill first opened in 2012 and despite going through some renovations and internal changes over the last year or so, it ended up closing last fall. But now the team behind downtown's The Archer has gotten involved with the space and they'll be relaunching it as Low Fidelity, to be known as Lo-Fi.

While no specifics are currently available, the team behind The Archer is known for their high-quality cocktails and unique, detail-oriented menu so we can expect that same approach here. They're aiming to open to the public in May.


  1. This makes the heights a lot more appealing to move to!

  2. can't wait for this place to open, hope they do it right! Great they have an outdoor space as well!

  3. very excited for this - the archer team is top notch. it was pretty clear the trolley car wouldn't make it when they installed a punching bag in the space...