Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Feature: Beef Cheek Bao from Cellar 335

Welcome to weekly series,"Friday Feature" showcasing a specific dish or find from around Jersey City.

This week's feature is the Beef Cheek Bao from Cellar 335.

Cellar 335, 335 Newark Ave is known for their Asian Fusion/Progressive American style and the beef cheek bao is a good reason why. Made with braised beef check, topped with micro greens and herbs, and wrapped in a fluffy bao bun, this appetizer is full of flavor and deeply satisfying.

The beef itself is fall-apart tender, getting as close to melt in your mouth as beef can, and slightly smoky, rich, a little sweet, and happily, has some substantial tang from the seasoning which cuts through the heaviness. With the addition of the fresh greens and the fluffy bao, this dish hits a lot of great textural and flavor notes. It's seemingly casual fare almost on a comfort food level, but the intensity of all the flavors and the richness of the meat takes it a notch above that and also makes it quite a substantial bite. 

Served in single pieces, the bao are $4 each and there is a vegetarian option. 

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