Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lafayette Corner Store Has Closed

Lafayette Corner Store, 320 Communipaw Ave, closed late last week.

The store was a combination of a bodega and a deli with a wide variety of products on their shelf like organic snacks, fresh produce, and other convenient neighborhood staples as well as a deli and grill counter. They could be counted on for fresh soup, burgers, and a ton of sandwiches (including a horseradish BLT I loved) among other quick and convenient options.

After letting the landlords know they would be shutting down on Thuesday, they closed and emptied the space within a couple of days. As of now, there are no reports of them looking to reopen somewhere else. Although the selection was limited because of space constrictions, the fresh produce and casual but tasty and affordable fare made it a local favorite and filled a need within the community.


  1. Does anyone know the landlord and have contact info for them?

    1. I don't personally, but there might be information at the location?