Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Feature: Cookielicious Ice Cream Pie from Torico

Welcome to weekly series,"Friday Feature" showcasing a specific dish or find from around Jersey City.

This week's feature is the Cookielicious Ice Cream Pie from Torico Ice Cream.

Torico is a long-standing warm weather (and cold weather, for that matter) tradition in Jersey City. Located at 20 Erie Street, the shop has been around for close to 50 years and carries a wide variety of standard and seasonal homemade ice creams along with more specialty items like sundaes, ice cream cakes, and the subject of this week's feature - ice cream pie. They carry rotating flavors and combinations so unless you order a whole pie ahead (versus just buying a slice like I did), there's no guarantee the particular flavor you want will be available. I've tried a couple and so far, the Cookielicious has been the winner for me

Made with a crunchy chocolate cookie crust, cookies and cream ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce, topped with bites of cookie dough, and framed with whipped cream, this is indulgent, but a small enough size that you don't feel you're diving mouth first into a sugar crash. The dark, rich cocoa and just buttery enough flavor of the crust helps balance out the sweetness of everything else and the cookie dough pieces add a little texture, and quite frankly, a little nostalgic fun. And that's exactly what this pie is - delicious fun.

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