Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Guac Spot Joins the Harborside Pop-Ups

The Guac Spot will soon be permanently available in Jersey City as they open their own stand at Harborside near Exchange Place as one of the pop-up vendors.

The Guac Spot has been a popular vendor around Northern New Jersey, and especially in Jersey City, for quite some time, thanks to their avocado-centric menu. They make fresh, all-natural guacamole as well as offer a select menu of savory and sweet dishes featuring avocado like their excellent candied-apple pork tacos with an IPA-based BBQ sauce, apple slaw, and guacamole or their black bean and quinoa sliders with sriracha and guacamole.

They will join the ever-growing roster of pop-ups at Harborside Plaza Three at 147 Harborside. Other current vendors include Pizza Vita, Boil Boil Ramen, The Belgian Plate by Waffle It & Co., Canteen Desi Dhaba, Enfes, Sprig, Epic Rolls Sushi, Kaya, Bucket & Bay Gelato, and Kimchi Grill.

The Guac Spot is expected to start serving during lunch hours from 11am-2pm later this week.
Update: They are now open from 11am-2pm every Monday - Friday and have a new menu item, the Caffeinated Cowboy Taco, made with chicken marinated in Cafe Bustelo with their IPA-based BBQ sauce, and topped with guacamole and pineapple salsa. 

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