Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Harborside Jazz Brunch with Whealth

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Earlier this summer, Whealth started hosting a pop-up weekend brunch that has turned into a monthly Jazz brunch held at Harborside, complete with a live band, drinks, delicious food and a beautiful view. 

I've long been a fan of Whealth and Co, run by Chef David Trotta, who focuses on creating an entire hospitality experience and providing not-overly-indulgent meals created from local, seasonal food. He brings creativity, a sense of enjoyment, and dedication to every meal and if requested, he will also accommodate any dietary restrictions and allergies, allowing for a very inclusive dining experience.

I attended the August brunch* and had a wonderful time, not to mention a great meal. The brunches run from 11am-4pm with reservations available every half hour within that time frame. The ticket does come with one drink included and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase. The brunch is set up to be a three course meal, but with five dishes, starting with small bites then two more substantial dishes as an entree, and then finally, dessert. 

While I really enjoyed all the dishes I had, there were two particular stand-outs: the roasted figs with housemade fresh ricotta, drizzled with honey and nuts and the cheddar cornmeal waffle with chorizo, fried egg, and salsa verde. We also had avocado toast, an excellent and vegetable-filled frittata, and cinnamon rolls with a berry crumble which were all well-made and very tasty, but the figs and the waffle were the winners. Beautifully composed, playful, and layered with complementary flavors, these are dishes that I've thought about frequently since that brunch. 

Although the menus do vary, you can always rely on fresh, seasonal meals and overall great food. The pace is slow and relaxing and with the beautiful view of the city and the excellent accompanying jazz band, this is a fun and unique way to brunch with friends. 

Tickets are $35 each and do include the meal and one drink. The next brunch is this Saturday 10/1, and to keep tabs on upcoming dates and events, you can check the website or Instagram

*Full Disclosure - I was invited to this as a guest of a friend and did not pay for my meal. I was not asked to write a review and all opinions are my own.

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