Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Old Spot Now Open

After undergoing renovations and getting permits in order for most of the past year, The Old Spot Hot Pot & Grill is now officially open.

Located at 523 Jersey Ave in the former Aquarium H20 spot, The Old Spot opened to the public this week. They have at least twelve tables inside and a small waiting area so there's enough room to move around and they've added a lot of interior decoration over the past few weeks.

It seems as though they've already started serving their full menu which is very traditional and includes cold dishes (mostly appetizers), BBQ grilled dishes, and both mini hot pots and full sized with various flavor bases and add-ons. While the menu is pretty meat-heavy, there are some vegetarian and vegan cold dishes and bbq items like roast lotus root and black bean curd mixed vegetables.

Welcome to The Old Spot!

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