Friday, June 9, 2017

Project Eats 2017 Meet the Vendor: Ace's Wings

In just over two weeks, Project Eats is back for 2017 with new vendors and returning favorites, all ready to serve up some delicious, indulgent eats. To help get you ready, I'm excited to be collaborating with The Jersey City Project to spotlight some of the vendors from this year's Project Eats!

Over the next two weeks, I'll be featuring interviews with some of the vendors who will be at the event, learning more about their business, their food, and what they love about Jersey City. 

To get us started, check out Ace's Wings, a Jersey City-based and family-inspired catering company and first time vendor at the market. 

How did Ace's Wings get started?
I was a cook/chef for as long as I can remember and graduated locally in a culinary school in Jersey City. I loved and was very passionate about cooking and creating at restaurants but working every night and weekends for decent pay wasn't an ideal situation for me and my son Ace. I wasn't satisfied, so in 2011, I left the restaurant industry and I went back to school while selling weekly menu specials, to family and friends every weekend, forming Ace Catering. My wings special became a huge hit among the community and our catering company eventually geared towards perfecting one dish and striving to be the very best at it, and in turn, we became Ace's Wings.

What made you decide to focus on wings and what inspires your menu?
The inspiration behind our food is the love and dedication that we bring to each order. As culinary artists and professionals that pride ourselves in a quality product, making the very best order of wings for our customers is the way we choose to express ourselves and provide our customers with happiness that they can share with their loved ones during events and gatherings.

But above all else, Ace will always be the inspiration and the heart of our business, hence Ace's Wings, lol. He is the reason I started cooking to make ends meet as a young father and still the reason we continue to strive to be able to provide a promising life for him and help save for his college education.

You've lived here for a long time. What's your favorite part of Jersey City? What made you decide to start your business here? 
Everyone has family in Jersey City, and IS family in Jersey City. I love how close knit and diverse the community is. It's hard to move out of Jersey City - trust me I've tried many times and end up reasoning myself out of it, lol. As far as starting a business here, if it wasn't for Jersey City, Ace's Wings wouldn't be around. They embraced us when we had close to nothing and continue to show us support as we endure this next stage of our business.

What made you want to be part of Project: Eats?
I am excited about the sense of community that Project Eats offers not only to the people of Jersey City, but also the past and present vendors participating in their events. I've come to the events every year and always leave full, satisfied, inspired and with a camera roll full of memories! I love to see people I personally know succeed with the help of Project Eats and we hope to be among the great success stories this organization has to offer.

Any other vendors you're particularly excited to see there?
Baonanas, always, we can't get enough of all of their flavors. I also really enjoy the rolls and sandwiches from Just Beclaws, the bowls from Tidal Poke, the BBQ from Hamilton Pork, and all of the drinks of course. We're very fortunate to be able to indulge in all these choices, all at the same time! 

Do you have a personal favorite amongst your wings?
Actually to be honest, my favorite flavor keeps getting switched up every week, to the point that I actually had an Ace's Wings taste-testing event to see which flavors were the best. We have a new Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor that overall had the best score. We've been saving that flavor for awhile now and plan to premier it at JC Project Eats (!!) along with our Funnel Cake battered Waffles, most likely the first 25-50 orders.

If I was forced to choose a favorite I would have to say my two original flavors and best sellers: Roasted Garlic Parmesan and Salt & Szechuan Pepper. But if I was feeling something sweet, definitely the Sweet Thai Chili or Honey-Garlic wings.

All of these flavors sound amazing - it's going to be so hard to choose. Thanks to Ace's Wings - they'll be at Project Eats on Sunday, 6/25

All photos courtesy of Ace's Wings

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