Friday, June 23, 2017

The 2017 Guide to Project: EATS

This weekend, The Jersey City Project is presenting Project: EATS, a TWO DAY event full of some of the best eats from vendors in Jersey City and beyond. There will be food stands, trucks, and other specialty gourmet vendors, along with a few special surprises over the course of the day. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been providing some inside looks at some of the vendors and to give you even more ideas on where to eat, check out my guide below. 

First - some tips on doing Project: EATS right:
1) Bring water
2) Bring sunscreen
3) Bring friends to share

Most of the vendors do accept credit cards, but it's always helpful to have some cash on hand as well and if you're over 21, don't forget ID for the bars.

Best Bets for Vegans
Salt and Seed - New to the event this year, Salt and Seed is bringing vegan tacos like walnut chorizo and carrot asada along with a variety of vegan desserts. Sunday only. 
Eemas Cuisine - Their hugely popular Hawaiian-inspired musubi and plate lunches are available with a crunchy, flavorful tempeh katsu.
House of Gains - Known for their healthier interpretations of favorite meals, they'll be offering up a special falafel bowl.
Koro Koro - Japanese-inspired rice balls with several vegan options and all naturally gluten-free.
The Guac Spot - vegan avocado lovers, this is your spot. They offer both meat and plant-based dishes, but best of all, avocado is incorporated into every one. Sunday only.
Bread and Spoon - Bread and Spoon will be debuting a new dessert concept, Dreamboats, including vegan varieties. Saturday only. 
Milk Sugar Love - As always, Milk Sugar Love will be providing a non-dairy ice cream to help cool you off as the day warms up. 

Angry Archie's
Best Bets for Seafood Lovers
Just BeClaws - Seafood with a Vietnamese-Cajun twist including a lobster roll, perfect for celebrating summer.
Brooklyn Oyster Party - Freshly-shucked oysters make a great snack but leave plenty of room to try everything else.
Angry Archie's - A delicious take on seafood in a streetfood style. Don't miss the crabcakes or the crab poutine fries if they're available.
Tidal Poke Co. - After debuting at last year's Project: EATS and now opening a storefront, poke bowls are back and even better. 

New Vendors
There are quite a few new vendors this year, but some major ones to look out for are:
Louie's BBQ Pit - Bringing brisket, pulled pork, and more, their Cuban-Mojito Barbecue sauce sounds like a can't miss. Sunday only. 
Moffle Bar - Mochi+waffles=colorful deliciousness. 
Gusti Di Sicilia - Authentic Sicilian specialties with lots of variety. 
Suwanna Food - Get your taste of Thailand with these bites - and some Thai Iced Tea. 

My Personal Must-Haves
Ace's Wings - I have yet to try Ace's Wings but have heard nothing but good things about these super-crispy, flavorful wings served in flavors ranging from Salt & Sichuan Pepper to Peanut Butter & Jelly. They'll be available Sunday only. 

Photo courtesy of Milk Sugar Love
Milk Sugar Love - there's never a time I won't eat Milk Sugar Love, but every year, there's a special product made for Project: EATS and this year is no exception with the Mini Ice Cream Hot Dog. This sweet and creative take on the summer classic sounds delicious with strawberry-balsamic ice cream, lemon curd, strawberry jam, and more all stuffed in a bun and is at the top of my must-have list. 

Project: EATS runs from 11am-7pm, rain or shine, in front of City Hall. I'll be posting pictures and videos on Instagram at jc_eats both Saturday and Sunday so keep checking in to see all the delicious options!


  1. Thank you very much for recommending Ace's Wings. They are very generous humans. And their PB&J wings are scrumptious. Allow me to explain...

    I had to wait for bit for my wings. And they were down to the "odds n' ends" of that batch of wings. So they gave me those "odds n' ends" in their yummy PB&J sauce for free. And then said I should come back in a few minutes and they'd give me a fresh order. I did and they did.

    Unexpected and unnecessary, but extremely kind and certainly very much appreciated!

    Now for that tasty PB&J sauce! I detected quality ingredients; natural peanut butter & a mellow sweetness to the jelly. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and complimented by their spicy dipping sauce, the PB&J wings left a delightful taste in my mouth that I'm still enjoying 40 minutes after finishing them.

    Additionally, their PB&J sauce brought to mind that "ooey-gooey" enjoyment of a PB&J sandwich on toast, as well as the finger-licking fun.

    In case it's not clear, I thoroughly enjoyed the PB&J wings (both batches!) at Ace's Wings. Thanks again for the recommendation.

    1. Wow, that's great! I'm glad you had a such a good experience, and agreed, I thought Ace's did a wonderful job today - I did the regular garlic/parm and they were really tasty.