Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Project Eats 2017 Meet the Vendor: House of Gains

The Jersey City Project's Project Eats 2017 is back on 6/24 and 6/25 with new vendors and returning favorites, all ready to serve up some delicious, indulgent eats. To help get you ready, I'm excited to be collaborating with The Jersey City Project to spotlight some of the vendors from this year's Project Eats, learning more about their business, their food, and what they love about Jersey City.

This week, we're focusing on some favorite Jersey City vendors. Meet House of Gains, a family-run business focused on creating your favorite dishes with a healthier spin. 
What prompted you to start House of Gains?
We started about a year ago with the intent to bring healthier food to events around Jersey City. We figured that if people from our community tasted our food, they would give us feedback and critique us in preparation for launching our meal prep business.

Considering your meal delivery business, you go through quite a few recipes. What keeps things interesting for you flavor-wise?
We honestly mix our menu up with a lot of our favorite dishes. We love to bring a twist to certain dishes to make them a bit healthier but still keep them full of flavor. We love all different types of cuisine from Mexican to Asian and we enjoy being able to incorporate those different flavors into our meals. 

You've been vending around Jersey City for a couple of years and now provide meal delivery as well. What do you like about Jersey City?  
We are Jersey City natives so we wouldn't want to have started anywhere else. We love our community and have been blessed to share our dishes during a time when so many events and markets are booming in our area. Our community has welcomed us with open arms and we are truly grateful to have such amazing support from people who didn't know us. 

What made you want to be part of Project: Eats?
We have had a love for Project: Eats since before we became food vendors. It's a humbling experience to be on the other side of the tent this year and getting to feed our foodie community. We are super excited to see everyone!

What can we look forward to?
We are bringing one of our favorite sandwiches to Project: Eats, the Bánh Mì. We have added our twist to the traditional Vietnamese sandwich and hope that the flavors make you as happy as they make us.   

Thank you to House of Gains and make sure to check them out at Project: Eats this Saturday!

Photos courtesy of House of Gains FB

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