Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Project Eats 2017 Meet the Vendor: Bang Cookies

The Jersey City Project's Project Eats 2017 is back on 6/24 and 6/25 with new vendors and returning favorites, all ready to serve up some delicious, indulgent eats. To help get you ready, I'm excited to be collaborating with The Jersey City Project to spotlight some of the vendors from this year's Project Eats, learning more about their business, their food, and what they love about Jersey City.

This week, we're focusing on some favorite Jersey City vendors. Meet Bang Cookies who became an instant hit at Farmers Markets around town and recently opened a small production facility in the Heights.
Photo provided courtesy of The Jersey City Project
How did Bang Cookies start?
Bang Cookies started with hungry bellies and blissful dreams of creating the best tasting cookies on the planet made from organic ingredients.  We brought our first batch of cookies made out of a tiny commercial kitchen to the farmer’s market on a whim, something fun to do on the weekend while stuck in our corporate hustle during the week.  When we sold out within the first hour, we knew that the recipes we had honed for over 15 years found a home.  From that first farmers market to now over a dozen markets and events every week, our team has grown and we opened our own little cookie factory in Jersey City Heights (1183 Summit Avenue) this year.  We couldn’t have done it without the support of our friends, family, and customers (many who have become our good friends).  So, thank you for support and for loving our cookies, it's why we do what we do!

What is the inspiration behind your cookies?
The inspiration behind our cookies, as cliche as it might sound is people and love.  Food in all cultures is about friends, family, and sharing moments with the people we love.  

Your cookies were instant runaway hits. What makes them stand out?
We make giant-sized, soft baked, organic and natural cookies.  The giant sized is about the gigantic size of our cookies themselves--5 oz of deliciousness, but it’s also about our view of life.  Live life with a giant heart, with giant aspirations, with giant hopes and giant dreams.  

Soft baked describes the nature and temperament of our cookies, they are a bit hard and crunchy on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside.  That’s indicative of who we are too, we all have our hard exteriors from time to time, but in end, we are really just warm and kindhearted people looking to share our love and ourselves with the world.  

Organic and natural is usually what draws our customers to us at first, because we don’t use any preservatives and use only the best ingredients.  But they keep coming back for more because of how mind-blowing they taste.  Just being organic isn’t enough because it if doesn’t taste amazing, who would want to eat it?  We are a small but mighty team and each and every cookie you eat is hand-rolled by us, bagged by us, and shipped or delivered by us.  It’s a really personal kind of thing. So, the organic and natural is about us too.  We love what we do and we love being able to share our cookies with people.  Some people call them magical cookies and we think that that is true.  We believe in the magic that comes about organically and naturally in life. The little moments of magic from the unexpected and the openness and honesty of putting ourselves out there.  Our cookies have brought so many of us together and have given us the opportunity to bring joy and love into the lives of so many people.  That’s what it’s really all about.  Our cookies have changed our lives and we know they will change yours.        

You've been vending around Jersey City for a couple of years and just recently opened your new mini-factory. What do you like about Jersey City? What made you decide to open your business here?
 We love the vibe and wonderful community feel of Jersey City. People here really value and understand the importance of eating good quality, organic food. The mayor and the city are great about supporting local businesses, especially in the Heights. We are so grateful for the support and love we’ve gotten from our customers and local business partnerships and it’s a wonderful feeling being out in the neighborhood at dinner and having someone come up to us and say, “We love your cookies!”  

What are you excited about in being part of Project: Eats?
We are excited about all events that we able to take part in Jersey City because this is our home.  We are especially excited about being part of Project: Eats because we believe that it brings people together and that that amazing connection is what changes lives.  We love being able to talk with our customers, meet and share our cookies with new friends and check out all the other exciting vendors that will be there. We’re looking forward to scarfing down our favorites from our old friends and looking to try new bites! It’s going to be an amazing event and we are looking forward to a great weekend!

What's your most popular cookie? Is there one you'd specifically recommend?
We get this question all the time and it’s eeek, a really hard one to answer.  We have 6 Classic Flavors: Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate, Macadamia White Chocolate Chunk, Walnut Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, and Oatmeal Raisin.  Our signature cookie is our Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk and tends to be our most popular cookie.  We definitely love that one, but we recently came out with a few new deluxe flavors like our S’mores, Jasmine Green Tea + Chocolate, and Espresso Chocolate Chunk which has stolen our hearts a bit too.  Oatmeal Raisin sometimes doesn’t get as much love and are often called Chocolate Imposters, but it’s really delicious and is a great breakfast cookie too.  Each of our cookies has its own fanbase and loyal following, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I guess it’s kinda like parents with their kids, they each have their own personalities, but you love them all the same!    

So many to choose from! Thanks to Bang Cookies and look for them this weekend at Project:Eats - luckily, they'll be there both days so you'll have more opportunities to try more varieties.

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